Peter Jamison

66, Venice CA, 15 oktober, hartaandoening

Amerikaans production designer en art director. Werkte onder meer aan Big Bad Mama (Steve Carver, 1974), Crazy Mama (Jonathan Demme, 1975), Eat My Dust! (Paul Bartel, 1976), I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Robert Zemeckis, 1978), Used Cars (Zemeckis, 1980), The Big Red One (Samuel Fuller, 1980), Missing (Costa-Gavras, 1982), Swing Shift (Demme, 1984), At Close Range (James Foley, 1986), Howard the Duck (Willard Huyck, 1986), Tin Men (Barry Levinson, 1987). Point Break (Kathryn Bigelow, 1991), The Beverly Hillbillies (Penelope Spheeris, 1993), Empire Records (Allan Moyle, 1995), Mulholland Dr. (David Lynch, 2001) en Jeepers Creepers II (Victor Salva, 2003).

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  1. I am sure he is laughing right now. Dancing with Micheal Jackson and designing a new set for heaven up there. Any one who knew him and would like to attend memorial service please let me know. I am his nephew and I am down here in Venice beach at his place. I am next of kin. So that means I get to clean up his crap. haha Thanks Peter. Well Peter you were a workaholic, a bit reclusive at times, but a genius with a big heart. He was born in Oregon, Multnomah county. His father was Horace Phillip Jamison a square dance caller. His mother was Lena F Murray a Cayuse indian who would ride off for months at a time when she got pissed at Horace my Grandpa then she would return as if nothing had happened. They are buried at Onley Cemetary in Pendleton, Oregon. She tried to get Phil and Peter to ride horses, but neither would do it. Peter and Phil both ended up in art department. Phillip his brother became a semi famous artist creating mirals, sign painting, created the art in the background of Happy Canyon in Pendleton, Oregon, a town famous for the Pendleton Round up Rodeo.
    His brother, Phillip Lee Jamison, my dad, passed away Dec. 2000 as well, and that was the last time I had seen Peter or talked to him. I haven't seen him since my dads funeral so if anyone has a story to share that would be delightful.
    Peter I love you and Blessings on your Journey.
    Glenn P Jamison


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