Roger Hammond

76, Londen-Ealing, 8 november,  kanker


Engels bijrolacteur. Vooral op tv, groot aantal kleine filmrollen, vooral in kostuumfilms. Onder meer Game for Three Losers (Gerry O’Hara, 1965), A Touch of Love (WarisHussein, 1969), The Pied Piper (Jacques Demy, 1972), Because of the Cats (Fons Rademakers, 1973), Royal Flash (Richard Lester, 1975), Morons from Outer Space (Mike Hodges, 1985), Foreign Body (Ronald Neame, 1986), Little Dorrit (Christine Edzard, 1988), Madame Sousatzka (John Schlesinger, 1988), The Fool (Edzard, 1990), Edward II (Derek Jarman, 1991), Orlando (Sally Potter, 1992), The Madness of King George (Nicholas Hytner, 1994), Richard III (Richard Loncraine, 1995), Persuasion (Roger Michell, 1995), The SecretAgent (Christopher Hampton, 1996), The ClandestineMarriage (Christopher Miles, 1999), Up at the Villa (Philip Haas, 2000), Bedazzled (Harold Ramis, 2000), Possession (Neil LaBute, 2002), Around the World in 80 Days (Frank Coraci, 2004), A Good Woman (Mike Barker, 2004), Keeping Mum (NiallJohnson, 2005) en The King’sSpeech (Tom Hooper, 2010).

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